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Platypus for iPhone and iPod touch

Shoot-them-up Platypus in claymotion

Based on the classic game for PC and Mac (originally developed by Anthony Flack), Platypus is a side-scrolling shoot-them-up 100% made from clay!

Already available since September 2008 for almost all the mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, S60, UIQ and Blackberry), Bitrabbit released a new port of the game for publisher Astraware, now for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Great graphics, smooth animation, fun to play and a very Commodore 64 soundtrack, a must-have game! :]

Casual game Pixie for PC and MAC

Casual game Pixie by Phelios and EMV Software for PC and MACPixie is a new casual game for both PC and MAC platforms developed by Phelios and EMV Software (remember Warblade?).

Story begins when the fairy Pixie loses her way in a magical forest one day and needs your guidance to return home.

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Brad Mitchum Flyer

Smartphone game Brad Mitchum: lost in timeBrad Mitchum : lost in time

A mobile game developed by Angel Software, pixelised by Naaty Design and powered by the RabbitFactory from Bitrabbit studio.

My name is Brad Mitchum and here is my story.

It was a number of years ago that I was struggling to find that which would make me an internationaly renowned archeologist. I will never forget that day on 21st June when I discovered a beautiful object whilst digging in Guanotugua.

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Welcome to the Fight Cube!

Welcome to the Fight Cube: arena - smartphone and pocket pc game

You know the rules…

A couple of days before 2005 Christmas, Naaty Design released a puzzle game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC in which you just need to know about blocks and horizontal lines.

Gravity of tetrominoes, scoring, does it sound familiar? :]

In the arena, you will meet other players waiting to beat you whilst making a fool of you.

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Crazy Jack for Pocket PC and digiBLAST

Crazy Jack - Don't forget your dancing shoes - smartphone, Pocket PC and Nikko digiBLAST game

Handcrafted by Naaty Design, Crazy Jack is a retro platform game released back in 2005 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Also a special version has been done for digiBLAST from toy makers Nikko.

Gameplay is quite simple, not to say oldschoolish , you need to jump & collect (defuse) bombs before they blow up, avoiding enemies, picks, water, etc. and let’s make the most of bonuses!

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Qwak is back!

Quak PC by indiegamer Jamie WoodhouseBack in 1993, Qwak was an Amiga game published by Team17, at the end of 2006, developer Jamie Woodhouse released a GameBoy Advance version (only 300 cartridges).

Now he has just finished a brand new version for PC. Yoohoo ! :]

Jamie is also the man behind Nitro (Psygnosis) and All Terrain Racing (Team17) and several GameBoy Advance games.

Qwak, made with the PTK game engine from Phelios, is a fun platform game with addictive gameplay, close to Bubble Bobble (Taito).

A demo is available for download here.

iSnap, do you?

Snap - a game by Phelios for iPod Touch and iPhone Our friends Phelios have just released their first production for iPod Touch and iPhone. They used the PTK game engine.

The gameplay of iSnap is simple and catchy.

Drag, pull and release the ball so it flies up into the air and lands on the board, where gems will be cleared. If the ball lands on grouped gems of the same color, the whole group will be eliminated. Clear as many gems as fast as possible before the board fills up to the top, and try to beat the highest score.

iSnap is available here.

Brad Mitchum: lost in time

smartphone game Brad Mitchum: lost in time

Naaty Design & Angel Software have been working together quite a long time on this project and due to several events, it always have been delayed (we may write a post-mortem about it one day…) BUT now, it’s a nearly complete game.

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