Welcome to the Fight Cube!

Welcome to the Fight Cube: arena - smartphone and pocket pc game

You know the rules…

A couple of days before 2005 Christmas, Naaty Design released a puzzle game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC in which you just need to know about blocks and horizontal lines.

Gravity of tetrominoes, scoring, does it sound familiar? :]

In the arena, you will meet other players waiting to beat you whilst making a fool of you.


  • Gregmills – I’ve got it. If you’re just looking for a Tetris clone you won’t be disappointed. It’s definently worth the price just for that (single player mode).
    What separates Fight Cube is definently the multi-player features. If you clear more than two lines at a time they get added to your opponent’s stack. That’s where the « fight » comes into it. Clearing multiple lines delivers a hit to your opponent pushing them closer to the top. I’ve only been able to play against the computer so far but if anyone wants to challenge me online just send a PM.
    This is a great twist on a classic game so if you like Tetris then I think you’ll want to give this a try.

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