Brad Mitchum Flyer

Smartphone game Brad Mitchum: lost in timeBrad Mitchum : lost in time

A mobile game developed by Angel Software, pixelised by Naaty Design and powered by the RabbitFactory from Bitrabbit studio.

My name is Brad Mitchum and here is my story.

It was a number of years ago that I was struggling to find that which would make me an internationaly renowned archeologist. I will never forget that day on 21st June when I discovered a beautiful object whilst digging in Guanotugua.

After searching my family archives accumulated over several generations I learned that my discovery was the sacred SEREIB Talisman!

Oh what a legendary object coveted by unscrupulous people for its encrusted gems which hold, according to legend, unknown powers.

Mad with joy and despite my state of fatigue I decided to celebrate my discovery in my prettiest local village pub.
Six hours and numerous pints later driven by joy and drink (or vice versa) I fell asleep under the stars stretched out in a ditch.

It was only when I awoke that I discovered that the gems had disappeared from the Talisman. At that very moment a light flooded the plain and everything was turned upside down. The light…the light…

Brad Mitchum is lost in time and he doesn’t see the funny side.

When it’s done :]

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