Brad Mitchum: lost in time

smartphone game Brad Mitchum: lost in time

Naaty Design & Angel Software have been working together quite a long time on this project and due to several events, it always have been delayed (we may write a post-mortem about it one day…) BUT now, it’s a nearly complete game.

We want to provide a true retro/oldschool gaming experience with neat & colourful graphics and smooth & detailled animations, featuring several game modes offering very different experiences to please every kind of players.

Already working on PocketPC & Smartphone platforms (using keypad and stylus control), it could easily be ported to other devices.

We use a top notch middleware called RabbitFactory from Bitrabbit studio, now in its version 2.0 and available for Windows Mobile, Symbian, PalmOS and iPhone platforms.

Games among others using this technology are Platypus (Astraware) and Nicky Boom (DotEmu).

More news about Brad Mitchum later.

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