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partly cloudy with Wordle

Created by Jonathan Feinberg, Wordle is a web application running on Google’s infrastructure that generates word clouds from text you provide.

Very easy to use, you can play tweak almost everything from the fonts, the layout to the colours in order to design your own colourful word collages.

You can’t directly save a picture, so stretch the window to get the most of your resolution screen then you just have to grab a screenshot et voilà!

Those visualizations have been generated using the rss feed of this very blog + quick retouching (texture & light).

Generated word clouds by Wordle with Coolvetica fontGenerated word clouds by Wordle with League Gothic fontGenerated word clouds by Wordle with ChunkFive font

when Yan Harris met Saul Bass

Flyer 1 - Yan HarrisThe first flyer was originally an excuse for testing a couple of custom brushes done by Chad Essley especially for TVPaint Animation.

Starting from the shape of Yan Harris which stands for the ‘i’ in the original logo, everything was done with an excess of splats, splashes, dots, drops & spray and then, tweaking the colours via blending modes.

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District News Comment your neighborhood

Social networking application District News for iPhoneNaaty Design is proud to be part of the first iPhone / iPodTouch application of french developer Bertrand Boudaud.

So, what is District News about?

Stay tuned about your district or the district you visit and the good stuffs around! District News tells you about your neighborhood comments and local news, considering your current location.

Participate and let your neighborhood know about what you think about the best shops, restaurants, bar, events around you, or just express your mood!

No login is required, everybody can post comment without heavy id checks!

The application is simple, light and fast, showing 2 views: a list view, showing messages sorted by date and a map view.

This social networking application is free and available on the App Store.

Book review: Dragon’s Dream Roger Dean

Dragon's Dream cover bookDragon’s Dream is the third book to be published after Views (1975) and Magnetic Storm (1984).

Roger Dean is an english artist and designer, well known for painting album covers for rock bands (remember the Yes ‘bubble’ logo?).

Psygnosis Logo & Owl Face - 1985In the middle of the 80’s, Dean has been commissioned by a software company, Imagine, then called Psygnosis and designed some of the greatest packaging artwork for video games (the first chapter of the book).

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