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Bitrabbit shoots the balls in Samsung Apps

Dublin, Ireland – April 27th 2011BitRabbit is pleased to officially announce the release of Brad Mitchum – Lost In Time for all bada devices through Samsung Apps.

Brad is an archeologist who has travelled the four corners of the globe in search of lost cities and legendary objects. After discovering and investigating a mysterious talisman, he is thrown back in time and must fight off waves of attacking metallic balls to restore the talisman and find his way home.

Brad Mitchum is lost in time and he doesn’t see the funny side.

Brad Mitchum : lost in time - bada Samsung appsShoot the bouncing balls:

Brad Mitchum – Lost in Time is a challenging arcade game including 3 high action game modes:

     – Story: main quest featuring cinematic sequences and progressive difficulty through 5 worlds;
     – Pure: an arcade classic mode;
     – X-Trem: a special extra-difficulty mode with combo systems for hardcore players.

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Black sheep Squadron

a Black Sheep never should be... irritated - Black Sheep Squadron PC/MAC gameBlack Sheep Squadron is an old PC/MAC project that had been shelved because of a lack of time and motivation and unfortunately it will (probably) never be completed.

The game is a vertical shoot-them-up, tribute to all the 1942-series (Capcom) including five ‘oldschool’ worlds in the glory of the 80’s: Pacific coast, Jungle, Country/Desert, Warp Zone/twilight zone and Sci-Fi.

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Qwak is back!

Quak PC by indiegamer Jamie WoodhouseBack in 1993, Qwak was an Amiga game published by Team17, at the end of 2006, developer Jamie Woodhouse released a GameBoy Advance version (only 300 cartridges).

Now he has just finished a brand new version for PC. Yoohoo ! :]

Jamie is also the man behind Nitro (Psygnosis) and All Terrain Racing (Team17) and several GameBoy Advance games.

Qwak, made with the PTK game engine from Phelios, is a fun platform game with addictive gameplay, close to Bubble Bobble (Taito).

A demo is available for download here.