Book review: Dragon’s Dream Roger Dean

Dragon's Dream cover bookDragon’s Dream is the third book to be published after Views (1975) and Magnetic Storm (1984).

Roger Dean is an english artist and designer, well known for painting album covers for rock bands (remember the Yes ‘bubble’ logo?).

Psygnosis Logo & Owl Face - 1985In the middle of the 80’s, Dean has been commissioned by a software company, Imagine, then called Psygnosis and designed some of the greatest packaging artwork for video games (the first chapter of the book).

In recent years, he has been designing eco-friendly architecture and prototyping home concepts, a lifelong passion.

The height chapters cover the last twenty five years and contain a wide range of his work from videos games, album covers, paintings, logos, concept arts to architecture designs.

There are also a couple of pages about his daughter Freyja who appears to be an artist too, specialized in scientific illustration and costume design.

This book is a GREAT value, very affordable for a hardcover art book and highly recommended for every fantasy art aficionados! :]

The shadow of the Beast - 1989Electric Sheep - 2004Arches Morning - 1996Yes Beetle Logo - 2006Dragon's Garden - 1995

Title / Author : Dragon’s Dream / Roger Dean
Publisher : Ilex
Published : October 2008
Format : Hardback 224 pages
ISBN : 9781905814411


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  1. Mr Black says:

    Que de souvenirs! Je me souviens de la chouette de « Psygnosis » sur l’écran de mon amiga 600… Encore une fois, « a mice trip down memory lane »!

  2. admin says:

    Exactement! 🙂

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