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District News Comment your neighborhood

Social networking application District News for iPhoneNaaty Design is proud to be part of the first iPhone / iPodTouch application of french developer Bertrand Boudaud.

So, what is District News about?

Stay tuned about your district or the district you visit and the good stuffs around! District News tells you about your neighborhood comments and local news, considering your current location.

Participate and let your neighborhood know about what you think about the best shops, restaurants, bar, events around you, or just express your mood!

No login is required, everybody can post comment without heavy id checks!

The application is simple, light and fast, showing 2 views: a list view, showing messages sorted by date and a map view.

This social networking application is free and available on the App Store.

Dude, where’s my shed?

Captain Pooh in Cacaland - one day on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (or not)It was one of that sunny morning when Captain Pooh felt for no reason at all that it was going to be a great day! Oh yeah!

Suddenly he felt an unusual pain in his belly, time has came for the delivery of the day. Quite early today. That chicken tikka masala for sure!

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Platypus for iPhone and iPod touch

Shoot-them-up Platypus in claymotion

Based on the classic game for PC and Mac (originally developed by Anthony Flack), Platypus is a side-scrolling shoot-them-up 100% made from clay!

Already available since September 2008 for almost all the mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, S60, UIQ and Blackberry), Bitrabbit released a new port of the game for publisher Astraware, now for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Great graphics, smooth animation, fun to play and a very Commodore 64 soundtrack, a must-have game! :]

iSnap, do you?

Snap - a game by Phelios for iPod Touch and iPhone Our friends Phelios have just released their first production for iPod Touch and iPhone. They used the PTK game engine.

The gameplay of iSnap is simple and catchy.

Drag, pull and release the ball so it flies up into the air and lands on the board, where gems will be cleared. If the ball lands on grouped gems of the same color, the whole group will be eliminated. Clear as many gems as fast as possible before the board fills up to the top, and try to beat the highest score.

iSnap is available here.