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Zen Stones HD Relax its just a game

Zen Stones HD - Relax its just a game After their last collaboration on the Mac and iPad game Throw up, Mac Games and More and Naaty Design strike back with a new release.

More than a game, Zen Stones HD is an addictive puzzle game that allows you to practice your logic and be zen at the same time.

Match different color stones by shooting them towards the center of the playing field. Grab all the fun bonuses and make it to the highest levels possible to become a Zen Guru!

Zen Stones HD is $9.99 at the App Store, however, players can obtain it for free at the Mac Games and More website (how cool is that!). The iPad version of Zen Stones HD costs 99 cents.

Freeware game Throw Up When oldschool meets newschool

Freeware game Throw UpTo cut the question short, in case you were wondering if Throw Up is related to stomach ache, puke and stuff. NO.

Throw Up is a puzzle / arcade game loosely inspired by Quarth released in 1989 by video game veteran Konami, where you need to shoot on shapes to create rectangles.

The gameplay may sound very easy at first but you will discover that the progression is quite difficult indeed, and you will play over again to beat your best score (and challenge your friends via Facebook and Twitter).

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