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Download Free Calendar 2012

Free Calendar 2012 - If anything goes wrong in 2012, Desmond Hume will be my constant Here we are.

Whatever happens, Judgement Day, Apocalypse, End of the world, The Quickening, Armageddon,… you name it, the mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012.

Against all those predictions, one solution to keep a healthy mind and have your feet on the ground, a free printable calendar in PDF format featuring the only quote you need to know to survive :

If anything goes wrong in 2012, Desmond Hume will be my constant.

In exchange, we just ask you to post a Tweet or a Facebook share about it.

(download no longer available)

See you in another life, brothers.

Zen Stones HD Relax its just a game

Zen Stones HD - Relax its just a game After their last collaboration on the Mac and iPad game Throw up, Mac Games and More and Naaty Design strike back with a new release.

More than a game, Zen Stones HD is an addictive puzzle game that allows you to practice your logic and be zen at the same time.

Match different color stones by shooting them towards the center of the playing field. Grab all the fun bonuses and make it to the highest levels possible to become a Zen Guru!

Zen Stones HD is $9.99 at the App Store, however, players can obtain it for free at the Mac Games and More website (how cool is that!). The iPad version of Zen Stones HD costs 99 cents.

Royalty Free content packs

Free content Packs by Naaty Design for both commercial and personal projectsNaaty Design is proud to announce the release of its first collection of Royalty Free content packs (also called stock art or game packs) that contains ready-to use items for your productions, used as placeholder graphics to prototype your games, ideas and mockups, etc.

Good news, the first content packs are 100% free for both commercial and personal projects (website, advertising and promotional material,.. ), featuring:

  • 10 shapes X 10 colours = 100 badges!
  • 246 countries X 5 sizes = 1230 icons!

Forthcoming content packs: casual and board games!